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Enjoy The Arts From Home

杰夫•霍华德 2020年3月20日

而 经典的电影 is commonly enjoyed from your couch, exploring a museum, attending a live show, or receiving a guided tour doesn’t typically seem like the sort of thing that can be done from home. 幸运的是, with so many technological advancements in place, especially in San Francisco, it is possible more now than ever to enjoy the arts from home. Let’s take a look at the best spaces to enjoy virtual tours 和 live-streamed events from the comfort of your couch.


谷歌艺术 & 文化 has implemented a fantastic tool that allows you to explore the confines of many famous museums 和 l和marks. Although many attractions are closed to the public, this shouldn’t stop you from virtually exploring museums around the world!


剧院 programs such as BroadwaySFA.C.T. have been significantly impacted by audiences not being able to attend shows but you can still stream live through multiple outlets. These services allow audiences to enjoy fantastic live performances by individuals who put in many long hours towards perfecting their craft.


With large gatherings being put on hold for the time being, concerts are being broadcast from the comfort of our favorite performer’s homes. This has given us a wonderful insight into the lives of many superstars who have shared on social media.



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There is no better way to maintain your social distance than by picking up a book 和 finding a cozy spot to read. Multiple digital libraries are available to those who want to use their extra time at home to catch up on reading!


而 viewing spectacular works of art such as the 92-foot Venus statue in the 广场安吉洛 courtyard is wonderful in-person, you can also visit virtually. L和marks 和 famous sites around the world allow you to take a 3D tour. 你也可以 virtually visit our lovely apartments across San Francisco!